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06/12/2015 Fixed a bug about menu transparency with multiple screens

Jose Antonio Perez Torne sent me an email telling me that there was optical artifacts showing menus when NimROD L&F was running in a multiple screens environment. Now that problem is fixed. Thank you, Jose Antonio.

And now the buttons respect the background color set by the programmer with setBackground method. Until now, all buttons were painted with the default theme color. I wasn't exactly a bug because it was a design choice, but was a wrong choice. Now is fixed.

14/05/2015 The awful bug that made NetBeans unusable with NimROD has been fixed by Charles Anderson

Charles Anderson sent me an email telling me that he fixed the awful bug. Using his own words: "The culprit of the disappearing combo box in netbeans is a "feedback loop" from both sets of code reading preferred and minimum sizes and altering them for display purposes... one for fonts, and one for borders...". I just can say thank him for his work.

There was a bug that made the icons in the tool bar a little bit smaller the first time the mouse entered in the button. It wasn't dramatic but it wasn't correct, and now is fixed too.

Well, thanks to Charles Anderson, NimROD can be used with NetBeans again.

30/06/2014 Fixed a bug that launches an exception when a JMenu doesn't have JMenuItems

Michael Schuknecht sent me an email telling me that when a JMenu doesn't have JMenuItems an exception is launched, and of course he was right. Well, now it's fixed in 1.2b version.

And I've discovered that there are some re-packaged NimROD Look and Feel jars out there, which change the package name, from com.nilo.plaf.nimrod to net.sf.nimrod. But, WTF?!!!

22/03/2014 Published a tutorial about the creation of controls in Swing

To be honest, the document is written in spanish, and I suppouse that's a problem, but well...

The people from javaHispano has published one of my tutorials (the only one that is polished enough to be published) about the programming of Swing controls. If you want to take a look, you can download it here.

javaHispano is a great place to learn things about Java if you understand spanish...

07/11/2013 Fixed an initialization bug in MacOS X Maveriks and Java 7

There was a problem with the intialization of NimROD Look and Feel usong MacOS X Maveriks and Java 7 (at least).

I've changed the default theme colours to a darker theme and changed slightly the theme editor window dimension.

02/04/2010 Added support for fonts in themes

Now the theme editor has got a buttom and a dialog to change the font, and the selected font is saved in theme files.

And of course, some bugs fixed...

17/10/2009 Fixed a bug in JComboBox

Fixed a bug discovered by Javier Sánchez Ríos in JScrollPaneUI which prevented the correct propagation of mouse events. Now it's fixed. Thank you, Javier!

Remember this version is compiled with jdk 1.6 from Sun.

07/10/2009 The Spanish government reduces the budget of I+D
26/07/2009 Fixed a bug in JScrollPanes and a new way to load a theme file

Fixed a bug discovered by Mark Senne in NimRODScrollPaneUI. He discovered the bug and he sent the code to fix it. Thank you very much Mark!

An user asked for the possibility to load theme files from URLs, so there's a new command line option, nimrodlf.themeURL, so now an application can be loaded this way:

java -Dnimrodlf.themeURL="" -jar jedit.jar

And NimROD L&F will load the theme file from the address

Sun says that the 1.5 version of Java will end its service life on October 30th, 2009, so this is the last NimROD L&F version compiled with the version 1.5 of Java. The next NimROD L&F version will be compiled with the version 1.6 of Java.

22/12/2008 Fixed another JCheckBox bug

Marcelo J. Ruiz discovered a bug in JCheckBox, when using the Replace in project dialog in Netbeans 6.5. Thank you, Marcelo!

16/12/2008 Two fixed bugs

Ross Judson discovered and sent the code to fix a bug about the clipping in buttons when the caption is HTML. Thank you, Ross!

Christopher J. Huey discovered and sent the code to fix a bug about the focus in the JSpinners. Two clicks where needed to increment or decrement the JSpinner value because the first one was lost by the NimROD code. Now only one is needed because Christopher found the lost click... Thank you, Christopher!

25/08/2008 Two fixed bugs

Fixed a bug discovered by Fabian Voith. When JScrollPanes are repainted, under certain conditions, their size were recalculated, forcing the relayout of the container. Now they keep their size. Thank you, Fabian!

Another user suggested to make more visible the selected cell in JTables, so I've added a border to the cells, and now is easier to navigate with the keyboard in the JTables.

05/08/2008 Another fixed bug

Fixed a bug discovered by Matthias Meger. When JCheckBoxes were inside a JTable, if their row were selected, they didn't change their background color.

The reason was that the JCheckBoxes (and other controls) are not-opaque by default to allow the user to put then inside containers with gradient backgrounds. The JCheckBox background is what changes when the row is selected, and being transparents, their background wasn't painted...

The bug is fixed and the code has been cleaned too.

04/04/2008 A fix for Macs users.

On an Apple Mac the keyboard shortcuts weren't correctly mapped. For example, on Macs you use the AppleKey+C to copy something into the clipboard, but under NimROD Look & Feel you must use Ctrl+C instead, and I suppose this is quite irritating...

Norbert Seekircher found the problem and sent the lines to fix it, making a copy of the SystemLookAndFeel inputmaps.

The true is that is not a NimROD L&F problem. The "problem" is in Metal Look & Feel. More exactly, in the Feel of Metal Look & Feel. Metal is the crossplatform Look & Feel, and a crossplatform Look & Feel must work in the same way in all systems, and work in the same way means that the shortcuts must be the same everywhere...

I hesitated before include this patch, because with the patch NimROD Look & Feel will look the same in all systems, but won't feel the same, but I put myself in a Mac user's shoes, suffering each time I need to copy something into the clipboard... So now NimROD Look & Feel is not completly correct but users will be more happy.

So, Mac users, thank Norbert Seekircher, who found the problem, looked at the code and sent the fix. Thank you very much, Norbert!

Ah! And now there's a RSS where next uptades will be published.

11/12/2007 Bug fixed.

The BasicTextUI.updateBackground (which has a comment which says that is a temporary workarround) invoked to update the background when setEnable or setEditable are called, only changes the background when the color implements UIResource. Some default colors were simply Color and didn't implement UIResource, the background color wasn't chaged.

The bug has been fixed turning all default colors in ColorUIResources, which is more correct, but I supouse that everything depends on the future evolution of the BasicTextUI.updateBackground method.

08/12/2007 Bug fixed.

More people testing, more bugs discovered... There was a little bug with JComboBox when item was added. Now is fixed.

06/12/2007 Version 1.

Every journey ends some day, and NimROD Look and Feel isn't an exception.

After two years of intermitent work (and bad english), NimROD Look and Feel looks good enough to remove the first zero in the version number. This last version has several fixed bugs, a more consistent and "round" aspect, antialiasing and... well. Final version.

I keep doubting about default colours, about speed...

Last, my thanks to all those who have sent bugs or code to fix then. That was a surprise, because I didn't expect that two years ago, and excuse me if I haven't answered emails very fast in the last weeks, but I was quite busy with the code.

Hope you like it.

08/08/2007 Combobox minimun size bug fixed.

NimROD Look and Feel used to paint the Comboboxs slightly small because there was a bug calculating their minimun size. It was discovered by Frank Berger. ¡Thank you Frank!.

Frank Berger is porting his backgammon program from AWT to Swing. If you like backgammon, you could pop in his page and take a look.

16/07/2007 New shadows, textfields, icons, fine tunning and, of course, bug fixing...

First, the important. NimROD Look and Feel didn't show correctly the InternalFrames titles and thrown NullPointerExceptiones under certain conditions, but Matt Green fixed it and now is a past issue. Thank you Matt!

NimROD Look & Feel now has new shadowed borders, new flat TextFields easier to read (this was an Eduardo's idea), new icons for the JTree, menus more integrated with the choosen colour scheme and I've done a fine tunning with some widgets.

And, again, the default colour scheme has changed. Reading something in Internet I realized that my screen has gamma controls customized, so when I saw a soft and elegant brown the rest of the world saw a sad grey... I've changed the default colours and I've tested them in various screens, so, well, at least you can change the colours if you don't like the default...

Main en version .99
25/04/2007 NimROD Look & Feel bug when used in applets fixed.

NimROD Look and Feel crashed when used in an applet, but thanks to Fritz Elfert this is fixed and won't happen any more. Thank you very much, Fritz!.

This is only a maintenance version waiting for the 0.99 version, which will have new JTextField proposed by Eduardo (it seems there is a growing community around this. I can not believe it!), visualy lighter menus, shadowed borders...

04/04/2007 New version.

Today a new NimROD Look & Feel version is released with shadowed texts in JProgressBar.

Menus speed has been improved too.

And, of course, there are bugs fixed...

27/03/2007 A lot of new things.

Today a new NimROD Look & Feel version is published:

  • JInternalFrames now are implemented. They are transparents too, like menus, although they don't have a blur efect looking for speed. The theme asistant has been changed to let you fix diferent opacity values for menus and frames.

    DesktopIcons have been implemented too, and now they look like the icons of other operative systems. They have a fixed size in the title frame bar (20x20) and in the minimized icon (48x48), so you can use an unique icon and NimROD Look & Feel will resize the icon to the apropiate size. If you choose a little icon, it will be little, so choose a big icon.

Los nuevos menus
  • Menus now blur the background.
  • Default theme colour is new.
  • Theme files now can be in jar files. NimROD Look & Feel will try to load the theme file from the file system, and then will try to find it in the classpath, jar files included.
  • JTabbedPane focus is more visible now.
  • The code has been cleaned too.
12/01/2007 NimROD Look & Feel bug using Java 1.6 fixed

The original Java 1.6 code has changed and NimROD Look and Feel menus weren't correctly painted.

05/11/2006 NimROD Look & Feel BUG USING NETBEANS 5.5 FIXED!!!

When you close all main panel tabs in NetBeans 5.5, there was a catastrophic ClassCastException. This bug has been fixed implementing the NimRODBorder.ScrollPaneBorder class, which is not used.

28/10/2006 New Nimrod Look & Feel beta released. Aesthetic changes

Today a new beta of NimROD Look & Feel is released. It fixes some bugs and:

  • Menus shadows have been improved and now you can made then transparent.
  • Now some controls are "iluminated" when the mouse is over them.
  • Perhaps the more important new is that now there's support for themes. You can define your favorite color combination and put it in a file. Then nimrodlf.jar file is executable and throws a theme editor.
  • There is ant Ant file to build de jar.
  • The code has been cleaned too.
El editor de temas
02/04/2006 More bugs...

But not so serius... The PasswordField caret disapears when it's in the first position, and is dificult to know when the control gets the focus. It's fixed and was discovered by Dr. Giacomo Galletto.

The code has been cleaned too, removing not used variables and other things. Copy-paste, you know...

12/03/2006 ���BUGS FIXED!!!

Some bugs have been fixed. The problem prevented to change Look & Feel from NimROD Look & Feel to other Look & Feel.

Default font has been changed too.

19/01/2006 New Nimrod Look & Feel beta

Today a new beta of NimROD Look & Feel is released. This beta has some bug fixes and a new decoration in Scrollbars.

These are the changes:

  • Greater contrast between text and background in disabled text fields. In NimROD 0.9 text was almost invisible.
  • Decoration in Scrollbars is painted now in a new way. Now a PNG is painted, so new designs are easier to create in future. The design itself is changed too, and now looks like KDE Plastic.
Nuevo aspecto de las barras de desplazamiento
03/11/2005 First Nimrod Look & Feel beta released

Today the first beta of Nimrod Look & Feel is released.

NimROD Look & Feel is an extension of the Metal Look & Feel, so it should be a portable look & feel, and supports the next widgets:

  • ButtonUI
  • ToggleButtonUI
  • TextFieldUI
  • PasswordFieldUI
  • CheckBoxUI
  • RadioButtonUI
  • FormattedTextFieldUI
  • SliderUI
  • ListUI
  • ScrollBarUI
  • ToolBarUI
  • ProgressBarUI
  • TabbedPaneUI
  • TableHeaderUI
  • SplitPaneUI
  • MenuBarUI
  • MenuUI
  • PopupMenuUI
  • PopupMenuSeparatorUI
  • MenuItemUI
  • CheckBoxMenuItemUI
  • RadioButtonMenuItemUI

Another widgets like JTree or file dialogs have new icons. There are things to do, like change de JInternalFrames, but I don't know what to draw...

In most applications the user should be able to change de colours with properties.

I hope you like...